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Our preparation methods are so effective when properly followed that we guarantee you will improve your SAT score (for example) by at least 100 points on actual tests. We don't play games as some courses do by giving you a contrived, difficult test the first day and then counting your increase based on that artificially low score. We work individually (but affordably) to ensure that each student gets the attention he or she needs; this is not a factory approach. We prep all year round and customize both curricula and schedules for your convenience and optimal results. We also help with essays for college and scholarship applications.

We work with students wherever you are, and our tutors are phenomenal! We also offer an extremely effective online PSAT/SAT prep course that uses video and audio to teach everything that appears on the SAT, with unlimited access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for up to a year (extensions are available).

We also offer individual tutoring sessions for students who need help with a particular subject.

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 Our Students say: 

"Boot Camp For Your Brain raised my score 160 points!...Reading Boot Camp was like listening to a friend explain different subjects through personal tutoring sessions. Most books like this that you read tend to issue material the same way encyclopedias would; in other words, they give you the straight facts without an effort to make sure the reader understands it. Boot Camp is the complete opposite; throughout the material they are constantly interacting with you and relating the stress you are going through. For instance, after one of the math chapters, the book even says to put the book down and relax because it recognizes the effort you put into reading it. I am definitely one you would not call a book reader. However, in this case, Boot Camp really made studying for the SATs as painless as it could possibly be."

-M.I., Oakton, VA

"The top 100 words are awesome, as well as the Latin roots. The MathFacts 1-7 are awesome also....If one is willing to take the time to study, that book has all you need to score a perfect score. "

-C.F., Fairfax, VA