Here's what our students and parents say about the course:

"Thank you so much again for your team's help and input. I have already referred two of our friends to your service. One has already reached out to you. As well, I reached out to Rhonda, who originally referred us, to let her know that we were pleased with the outcome and she should feel confident in continuing to refer people to you."

-L.R., Herndon, VA


"My son took Ms. Manning's bestprep course and his scores increased 330 points from his last PSAT to this one. Additionally, since the most recent PSAT, his scores have increased even more in practice testing. My son went from the 80th percentile in reading/writing to the 97th percentile and 91st percentile in mathematics to the 97th percentile. This course works like magic. The tutors for SAT and ACT focused my son on the problems he was having and gave him solid advice on how to answer the questions faster, make better guesses, and make more intelligent eliminations. With the ease of being able to set a tutoring schedule around my son's very busy life, I cannot recommend this course enough. It was worth every penny to get him from hoping to get into a second tier school to knowing he will get into a second tier school and have a good shot at a top university. Priceless.""

-B.B.C., Ashburn, VA


"Getting your child successfully into the university of their choice is a very stressful time in every family's life. Our search for help in raising our daughter's SAT score brought us to Marcy's Boot Camp for your Brain, and the coaching she offers with it. It was intense, and required a serious commitment on our daughter's part, but it accomplished the objective. Our daughter's score went up over 100 points, and she got into her first-choice university's honors program. We feel the combination of this book with the available coaching proved to be a critical part of helping our daughter over the very highest hurdle in this stage of her life's journey. Our thanks to Marcy and "The World's Best Prep Course"!"

-D.K., Ashburn, VA


"Your program was a great help and I have recommended it to several people already. I'm getting ready to move in to Tulane on Saturday. Thanks again for your help and for following up. I wish you the best!"

-A.L., Lafayette, LA


"We are walking on air today because [our son] really knocked his SAT out of the ball park this time. Here are his scores:

"This is far better than any of us imagined. I really have to thank you for your program. There is no way [our son] could've done this without it....We are so grateful to you and your staff who helped him through this. Your support was a tremendous help to [him] and I believe your words of encouragement and faith really made the difference. He was a lot more composed and calm when he went in to write this SAT."

-E.S., Leesburg, VA


"EXCELLENT BOOK FOR SAT. This book helped my daughter increase her score by 340 points. The book is written in a way that makes you want to read it and is very helpful in preparing for the SAT examinations. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is preparing to sit for the SAT."

-R.C, Herndon, VA


"I have had all wonderful comments and positive feedback from everyone that I have referred to you so I will keep them coming as much as I possibly can! Thank you for all that you do!"

-A.H., Springfield, VA


"I wanted to say thank you, thank you! I ended up with a 27 on my MCAT: 11 physical science, 8 in verbal, 8 in biology. I was just accepted to my first choice VCU School of Medicine and have had many interviews. I am really grateful for all of your help."

-J.H., Philadelphia, PA


"I had worked with you last summer before taking my SAT's and thanks to your program I did great (2330 Super score). I am applying to a couple of schools for their early application pools (Dartmouth, University of Chicago, and UVA) now because of your program."

-E.W. Leesburg, VA (who went up 600 points)


"A must read! Anyone preparing for the PSAT or SATs should read "Boot Camp." My daughter studied the book and her SAT jumped 300 points to a near perfect score. After studying the book and taking [the] course, my son's PSAT score went up 350 points. The book is concise, easy to read, and fun. It tells you what you need to know. You won't regret buying this book."

-J.T., Vienna, VA


"Just an update on Tommy's SAT. He took the test in Dec and scored: M=780, W=720, CR=640. I was somewhat worried about the CR and felt that he might have rushed it that day as we were going out of town. Yesterday he got the March score report. M=800, W=750, CR=760. We are done! Thanks to you and [his tutor] for all of your help."

-M.L., Sterling, VA


"Thank you so much for taking the extra time to respond to Anna's questions. We truly appreciate the fact that she feels comfortable using you as a resource for all of her college search issues."

-B.S., Vienna, VA


"Allie is a sophomore at Mary Washington and absolutely loving every minute of every class. I must say - your course changed her life whether she knows it or not. Before your course, to college admission people she was invisible - lost in a sea of academic mediocrity. After your course, she took her ACTs and SATs and suddenly she was on EVERYBODY'S radar. She had wanted to go to Mary Wash since she was 10 years old and frankly we doubted that she was going to make it. After your course and her tests results, she sailed in - and is having the time of her life. Thank you."

-K.C., Fairfax, VA


"My daughter increased her SAT scores more than 300 points by using this book and working with Ms. Manning. She particularly appreciated the math review - she learned shortcuts and common rules she never encountered in the classroom. You cannot argue with success."

-K. W., West Chester, PA


"We speak of you often as you were a huge part of Liz's success. I always speak highly of you! What you did to help Liz was amazing. She was accepted at VA Tech where she was in the business school. She hated it despite making dean's list so transferred to History/education 6-12. She was inducted into the honor's fraternity and will be dual-enrolled next year (Sr. year working on her masters). She could never have done any of this without raising that SAT score with your help.

"My son did not take the course. We did order a new copy of your book which he studied. He has been offered a huge scholarship at University of SC, and is trying to decide between that and VA Tech's engineering school.

"We are so proud of Liz and tell everyone that without your course, she would never have been looked at twice for admission to the school's she got into. Thank you!"

-V.L., Ashburn, VA


"Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with Julie's test scores. She went up 290 points from her PSAT scores. There is no doubt in our minds that this was a direct result of both your class and Julie's willingness to do the necessary work that you suggested be done. Your willingness to correct the essays also taught Julie what was expected for the writing section. A great big Thank You to you and The World's Best Prep Class for the SAT!"

-J.A., Oak Hill, VA


"College Here We Come! After [she read] this book, my daughter's scores increased greatly! I would highly recommend this book for anyone trying to get into college. A must-have!"

-K.N., Oakton, VA


"This book is great. My child used this book (along with the prep course) and increased an already good score by 140 points. In addition to proven test taking tips, this book offers substantial math sections, 100 top SAT words and Latin word roots. The book is written in a much more entertaining style than the usual dry test prep books and even features cartoons to illustrate the vocabulary words. I would absolutely recommend this book!"

-M.L., Potomac Falls, VA


"Great help for preparing and practicing for the SATs. My son just finished working with this book in order to prepare for the SAT. He is the third of my children to use it. He earned a perfect score [on the Math section], increasing his total score by 310 points. He is now very ready to apply to college. The book is a no-nonsense, clear guide for the steps students need to take in order to do well on the test. I highly recommend it!"

-M.F., Leesburg, VA


"...You have an excellent knowledge of the exam; you have a great attitude/demeanor with the kids; you require that they take the SAT over and over; and you give them a simple straightforward and manageable book to study from in addition to the SAT reviews. Simple but powerful."

-E.S., Oakton, VA


"Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Boot Camp is absolutely the best SAT preparation book I have ever seen. Mrs. Manning's style of writing in Boot Camp is captivating. She writes as if she were speaking in person to the student. Her method used in presenting the material is so creative that the reader can't wait to get to the next page. All sorts of useful hints are given on how to master all of the material. When you buy this book, you will not be able to put it down, and you will be learning without even realizing you are. Mrs. Manning has a gift for bringing to the reader exactly what he or she needs in order to master the material given on the SAT."

-L.G., Reston, VA


" covers everything."

-E.C., Paradise Valley, AZ


"Here is some more info to encourage your students:[my daughter] had high grades in HS, but needed an SAT boost. Not only did your course help her get into the [Air Force] Academy, but, once there, her previous work habits helped her get a 3.65 cum GPA. She is in the top 10% of her class at this elite school."

-J.P., Manassas, VA


"Terrific....My score personally went up over 300 points."

-W.C., Manassas, VA


"This course simplifies the SAT and creates a mindset that a [perfect score] can be achieved."

-P.S., Oakton, VA


"Eric got his first college acceptance last week (7 more to hear from). Was accepted to College of Charlston and they offered him a $50,000 scholarship...I'd say that was good ROI on the SAT scores coming up 200+ points after your class."

-B.S., Reston, VA


"The book has helped raise my grade by at least 200 points....I would totally recommend these materials to all of my friends because they really stretch the brain, and they help raise your school average (GPA)....I have been getting As on all of my vocab tests in English!"

-S.A., Reston, VA


"I took the SATs today! I felt surprisingly more confident than I thought I would...I only skipped a few questions throughout the whole thing, and I remembered so much of what we learned in your class. For example, the parallel construction popped up EVERYWHERE...and the Top 100 Words to know definitely helped a ton. So, I just wanted to check in and let you know that I DID IT!! Well, thank you so much for everything you've done, especially the essays...I looked over my essays that you've graded last night and that really helped me out today."

-L.M., Purcellville, VA


"My son, William, read Ms. Manning's book to prepare for the SAT. He scored really well...2300 on the new SAT I! He's a fairly bright kid but I believe that Boot Camp really made a difference in his score."

-F.K., Huntington Beach, CA


"Boot Camp For Your Brain is the most wholesome and complete study guide out there. It enumerates all the skills that are necessary for the new SAT. It has been invaluable in my studies. The Math worksheets prepare one for any problem that may arise on the test. Every required skill is taught in the book as well. Even a few that aren't necessary but good to know. The English section of the book raised my average verbal score 100 points with only hours of work. If a lot of time were to be dedicated to study in this book, a 2400 is virtually guaranteed. Especially with the new writing section of the test a complete study guide is needed. This book is geared to the test. It contains all that anyone could hope for, and then some. There are literally 1000 vocab words. But this book is hardly just pounding vocab. Vocabu-toons are colorful comics that can teach through pictures, not just words. The book is written very well too. It is not just a list of the things on the test. Mrs. Manning is able to connect with the reader beyond just talking at them. She talks to the readers. Boot Camp For Your Brain is a great book. Do not hesitate to buy it. And unlike other books, it has not only the answers to the problems, but a description of how to do them."

-B.H., Thornton, NH


"You gave me the tools and inspiration I needed...I could not have done it without you and I may not even be where I am today without you."

-S.H., Reston, VA


"Boot Camp For Your Brain raised my score 160 points!...Reading Boot Camp was like listening to a friend explain different subjects through personal tutoring sessions. Most books like this that you read tend to issue material the same way encyclopedias would; in other words, they give you the straight facts without an effort to make sure the reader understands it. Boot Camp is the complete opposite; throughout the material they are constantly interacting with you and relating the stress you are going through. For instance, after one of the math chapters, the book even says to put the book down and relax because it recognizes the effort you put into reading it. I am definitely one you would not call a book reader. However, in this case, Boot Camp really made studying for the SATs as painless as it could possibly be."

-M.I., Oakton, VA


"I got my scores and luckily I will not be taking the SAT's ever again!! My total was 2020!!! In critical reading I got 670, in math I got 660, [and] in writing I got 690. I was so happy with my score.. I got over a 150 point increase. I just wanted to thank you!!"

-S.Z., Herndon, VA


"This book really helped me focus my studies in preparation for the SAT. It goes over in detail everything you need to know. Read it and study it and you will do great!"

-C.C., McLean, VA


"This book does exactly what it says it will do - prepare you for the rigorous SAT exam in a no nonsense yet entertaining way. As a visual learner, I especially enjoyed learning vocabulary through "Vocabu-Toons," a clever way of mixing word association with cartoons. The book is presented in a non-threatening manner by not including too much information per page - something that teens find especially appealing. It also outlines EXACTLY what you need to study to improve your score. My brother and I elevated our scores from our highest PSAT by 220 and 170 points by studying the material in Boot Camp For Your Brain!"

-K.S. and E.S., Sterling, VA


"I do think you are 'the best' and you have a personal interest in each of the students you take on. Besides getting great results, you are a superb teacher."

-N.M., Ashburn, VA


"As I have affectionately begun to call it, 'Bootcamp' is the greatest of all SAT prep books. After perusing many review and help books, Bootcamp is the only concise source of SAT information that was able to help me. After studying the English section for 4 hours, my scores jumped over 150 points. M. Denmark Manning has done every college hopeful like myself a great service by putting together such a pile of information in one place. Learning SAT info in this book is actually interesting due to the application of comics and other great ways of getting this stuff to stick into your brain!"

-B.M., Leesburg, VA


"Boot Camp is excellent. It provides all of the information that is covered on the SAT I. Boot Camp includes activities to help you learn the material. Although it may look like a lot at first, it will definitely help you in the end. Memorizing Boot Camp will not occur overnight. You have to put in the time several times a week, if not everyday. Don't worry. If you study Boot Camp, you're in good shape."

-M.G., Fairfax, VA


"Extremely helpful. I mainly studied from this book [Boot Camp for Your Brain] & my scores went up 200 points!...This was exactly what I was looking for in a class. I wanted to learn material not tricks. The books used did exactly that."

-J.P., Manassas, VA


"... a MONUMENTAL THANK YOU for all of your guidance and help to improve my SAT test score...I was ecstatic to see the wonderful parents as well. With your help, and Boot Camp, I very much benefited from your class, and I will spread the word! Have a wonderful day, and when I get accepted, I'll surely be letting you know! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

-E.J., Herndon, VA


"Math Facts was great. That one section brought my math score up about 100 points. 100 words you need to know was just as helpful. I wish I had enough time to memorize everything in the book. If somebody could do that, they would easily get a [perfect score]....I would pay hundreds of dollars just for the book."

-S.C., Sterling, VA


"The course in total felt complete and helpful....Very comprehensive & complete explanations of the content we can expect in the SAT I...The numbers speak for themselves. 1st test 610 Math/Verbal; current record 770 Math/Verbal." [Note: this is based on the old SAT scoring system.]

-D.M., Indonesia


"I found the biggest strength in the book was the consistent use of detailed words that are used on the SAT I....I would recommend the materials to a friend if they were serious about going to college and getting an edge on the competition."

-M.M., Hampton, NH


"This book was an excellent resource in preparing for the SAT I. Through the use of this book, I was able to increase my SAT score by over 200 points. It is a very thorough guide that contained all of the information needed to increase your scores. Boot Camp for Your Brain is a wonderful book for anyone who wants to do better on the SAT I."

-M.T., Ashburn, VA


"I just want you to know that my son was accepted into George Mason University :) I really appreciate your support with the SAT because without this he would probably had no chances at all. God bless you! "

-C.P.G., Burke, VA


"The first time I took the LSAT, I self-studied. This time, I took this course, which has pointed out a hundred things to me that I never would have caught or thought of on my own. I feel more confident going into the LSAT now. I feel as ready as I'll ever be. Definitely much more confident than my first time taking it. This has been super helpful overall."

-J.B., Clarksburg, MD


"I can't thank you enough for everything you did for our children! We have one left at home. He won't need your SAT class for six more years, rest assured we'll be calling again!!! Congratulation and best of luck in the future!! Thank you."

-R.R. and T.R., Leesburg, VA


"Great Book, Happy Parents. My son took the class with Ms. Manning and his score went up by 180 points from his PSAT. Boot Camp was helpful in achieving this score. I highly recommend this book."

-M.S., Chantilly, VA


"Worth the effort! Boot Camp is a fabulous book that will certainly help any child in their preparation for the SAT. It is worth the time and effort to insure the best scores possible!"

-C.L., Ashburn, VA


"Just wanted you to know that [our daughter] (now a high school senior) was admitted to the University of Dayton, and awarded a $32,000 scholarship (over four years). Thanks for all your help!"

-DK & MJK, Arlington, VA


"Colleges are determined to recruit my daughter now! I feel that on a scale of 1 to 5 Stars that Boot Camp for Your Brain deserves at least 8 Stars! While it may not rank among my daughter's favorite books, it certainly is THE book that has enhanced her chances of acceptance to--and scholarship offers from--America's best universities and colleges!"

-M.B.G., Oak Hill, VA


"The class was recommended to us by his counselor at Thomas Jefferson High School....My son had already scored a 1420 on the SAT when he took Ms. Manning's class, so he was already in good standing and we weren't sure he could do much better. After her class he scored a 1600! She makes the student work; this isn't a better score through osmosis (an SAT word!), so your child has to want to participate, but if they do chances are good they will get a better score and that is not always the case with SAT prep classes....the SAT score is so important in the college application process it's important to take a really good program."

-B.S., Reston, VA


"I wanted you to know how pleased I was with [my daughter's] response to the course. As I am sure you would expect, she complained about the precourse work (but got it done ... she really does want to attend Virginia Tech). After the first night of class, she was so positive about you, the course, and her goals. This continued over the next few nights and after. She's told many of her friends....Thanks for all your help!"

-C.M., Midlothian, VA


"First off, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the significant improvement I have made because of your course. I improved by 210 points... I truly appreciate all that you've done...."

-P.P., Chantilly, VA


"Great training for SAT. Boot Camp for Your Brain is a great book -- easy to use, engaging, sometimes even fun. I recommend it highly."

-R.J., Herndon, VA


"Boot Camp helped me a lot in preparing for the SATS. I've had a bunch of books and prep guides in the past, but none of them were specific in reviewing what was actually on the SATS. Instead of giving you techniques for enduring the SATS, Boot Camp actually helps you practice and prepare with examples so that when you actually see the real thing, you're not surprised. I saw questions and problems that I went over in Boot Camp and it helped me raise my score by 200 points. I would recommend it to anyone who's serious about doing well on the SAT."

-A.T., South Riding, VA


"I decided to give this program a try after scoring 1170 on the old test...after a focused three to four week training and learning period using this book and attending classes...I was able to increase my score 100 points verbal and 40 points math for a 1310 [on the old test]. I trust the program and will continue to use it and take the new SAT in May with a goal of increasing my score again! This approach works!"

-G.R., Manassas, VA


"Great Investment! Very Helpful. Boot Camp is easy to understand and well written. The Math section helped because it includes exactly what's on the test. (I missed only one problem in the Math section!) The Vocabulary words are helpful. Many of the "Top 100 Words" were on the test. Compared to the cost of [an] SAT prep course this book is excellent value."

-W.K., Orange County, CA


" son raised his SAT scores over 200 points and was able to get into his first choice for engineering college. Boot Camp for Your Brain is an engaging, witty, and effective guide for SAT preparation and makes for a great pragmatic outline for study. You will not be disappointed with this book's results!"

-M.M, Hampton, NH


"Boot Camp for Your Brain was extremely helpful for my daughter. In practice tests her scores came up by 180 points and the whole process was less intimidating. The book is thorough and fun and covers absolutley everything - it really prepared her well."

-V.L., Upperville, VA


"This book was a terrific source for studying for the SATs. It was an interesting read, easy to read, and an all around excellent guide for tackling the SATs. My son's scores increased by 200 points thanks to Boot Camp for Your Brain."

-M.C., Reston, VA


"It was a great course,...a great teacher, And the material was great...Boot Camp for Your Brain was a great teaches very well & is easy to follow and doesn't scare you away."

-K.H., Leesburg, VA


"I really felt that Top 100 Words as well as the Vocabu-toons were very helpful....All of the different sections have interesting ways of presenting the information....I liked how [the teacher] went through the tests very thoroughly."

-T.O., Oakton, VA


"After taking the practice test, I could tell the Top 100 Words had helped a lot. The MathFacts were great and really helped me work on the basic math principles."

-S.H., Lake Heritage, PA


"The course was very helpful....I'd have to say my favorite part of the book & greatest strength is the MathFacts 1-7 because they were the easiest for me to study & they came to me quickly."

-A.D., Fairmont, WV


"This course helped me with my vocab skills, math skills, and helped improve my studying skills. It gave me a motivation to study and the teacher...was great....[The book] has been extremely helpful. I have easily raised my score over 200 points."

-K.L., Chantilly, VA


"It has raised my score at least 200 pts....I thought that Boot Camp for Your Brain was extremely helpful, especially the vocabulary words."

-K.B., Sterling, VA


"...Words You Must Know is one of the best sections in the book. MathFacts is also helpful because it gives the main concepts of math you need."

-E.E., Chantilly, VA


"I enjoyed the course and thought it was very beneficial." "MathFacts 1-7 breaks down everything you need to know, making it less stressful when studying.'s been a big help. I feel more confident."

-H.A., Reston, VA


"I thought that the book was AMAZING."

-M.V., Herndon, VA


"In my opinion, the biggest strengths of the book are that it's easy to read and very entertaining to read. It is not boring like most SAT books....I really enjoyed the vocabu-toons. Not only were they funny, but they made vocab stick in my head."

-J.H., Ashburn, VA


"The course was great."

-A.M., Sterling, VA


"Extremely helpful. My verbal score went up tons after memorizing the top 100 words....Materials are efficient and easily comprehensible to study by one's self."

-S.T., Clifton, VA


"The biggest strengths in this book are the Math Worksheet, Top 100 Words, and Words You Must Know....The book has been quite helpful in raisig my score."

-N.C., Vienna, VA


"It has helped me a lot...I like the small group."

-A.B., Oakton, VA


" was a great course."

-K.S., Leesburg, VA


"It is very detailed which is extremely helpful. It is also easy to digest...It helped me so much. I can't believe how much my scores went up!"

-E.W., Lincoln, VA


"The top 100 words and Mathfacts, as well as the math worksheet were the most helpful to me. The course was interesting and the classes were the perfect size. I would recommend the materials to someone else [because] I have raised my scores 150 pts...The vocabu-toons help [me] remember certain vocabulary words. They help me because I am a visual person!"

-J.N, Leesburg, VA


"Boot Camp for Your Brain was a wonderful book."

-K.D., Ashburn, VA


"The materials are very good if studied properly. They told exactly what I need to know for the SAT. I've already recommended this course to a couple of people."

-L.C., Oak Hill, VA


"I felt the course helped me alot and the materials covered basically everything so studying it really helped me. Thanks!"

-N.S., Ashburn, VA


"At first I felt overwhelmed with material but when I started going through it and learning it, I felt like I had completed something great."

-E.J., Herndon, VA


" paced but made me learn a lot"

-S.M., Herndon, VA


"It made me learn so much really intensely. I feel much more prepared now than I did."

-K.S., Oak Hill, VA


"I liked it and it helped. The vocab sections do help a lot."

-A.S., Springfield, VA


"I was pleased with my final score. It is difficult to improve in a short period of time but this course, materials, and teacher helped make it possible. Thanks!"

-S.S., Oakton, VA


"I liked it a lot. Very helpful. Thanks a lot."

-M.C., Springfield, VA


"The course was very beneficial and the study [material] was great!!!"

-S.T., Clifton, VA


"You do a fantastic job and there is no one better."

-L.F., Sterling, VA


"Every student succeeds in your classes."

-M.A.O., Potomac Falls, VA


"Great to hear from you and to hear how much some of our students have benefitted from your prep course.. it doesn't surprise me at all! Take care and continue the great work!"

-G.P., Reston, VA


"YOU are the best SAT teacher in the world. We consider it an excellent gift to our close friends to tell them about your course."

-M.M., Herndon, VA


"I think your program is fantastic and was extremely helpful to my children. I refer all my friends who ask about what I did to prepare my kids for college. I think your program far exceeds the others."

-L.E., Reston, VA


"The biggest strength of the book is its no-nonsense approach toward taking the SATs. It states very clearly what you need to know to get a [perfect score]. No fancy strategies, just plain flat-out knowledge....Considering my scores went up by about 150 points each, that's a pretty good indicator of how helpful it is....Unlike other books I've used, it tells you straight out, 'This is what you have to know so go learn it!'"

-K.M, Indonesia


"I like how the book uses everyday language that is easy to has helped a lot."

-H.F., Herndon, VA


"The book is filled with positive encouragement, but there is no 'fluffy' info; it is all helpful and a good study method...very comprehensive and an easier and more broken-down method to studying."

-R.B., Centreville, VA


"The top 100 words are awesome, as well as the Latin roots. The MathFacts 1-7 are awesome also....If one is willing to take the time to study, that book has all you need to score a perfect score. "

-C.F., Fairfax, VA


"It really helped me out. The first time I took my SAT I got a 980 and after one [class session], I got an 1110." [Note: this is based on the old SAT scoring system.]

-C.J., Ashburn, VA


"This book is awesome...This course is extremely good and professional."

-D.P, Chantilly, VA


"I was able to raise my score tremendously. Thank you so much."

-B.D., Burke, VA


"To be honest, when my mom signed me up for the class I wasn't too thrilled. It was just one more boring class on my very long list, but as I got into the program, I began to love it. I have learned so much that I know I can walk into that testing room confident!"

-J.H., Ashburn, VA


"My vocabulary capabilities have skyrocketed."

-D.M., Ashburn, VA


"I loved it....It raised my score from about a 1050 to a 1220, so I'd say that's terrific." [Note: this is based on the old SAT scoring system.]

-A.L., Fairfax, VA


"The info provided has helped so much. It's been great."

-C.L., Oak Hill, VA


"I thought it was very beneficial & glad scores went up each class."

-M.S., Ashburn, VA


"I'm very glad I took the course, I feel a lot stronger, my scores have gone up."

-B.P, Ashburn, VA


"It has helped me tremendously."

-R.D, Vienna, VA


"The course materials were very well organized and easy to understand."

-K.C., Herndon, VA


"The course is very good. . .it did raise my score and I am pleased."

-R.L., Herndon, VA


"I felt that this course really helped me get the scores I needed. I like taking the test every week. The teacher and materials were motivating."

-C.B., Centreville, VA


"It helped a lot as long as you study the vocabulary.The hints on how to do well definitely helped me a lot."

-J.L., Herndon, VA


"I love this book because it is in a language that you can understand. Everything is very simple and straightforward....This book has been my bible for the past few months! I don't go anywhere without it. It's been the primary agent in raising my scores."

-K.N., Ashburn, VA


"The course really helped me learn my material. It helped me a lot."

-J.S., Herndon, VA


"The vocab words and MathFacts helped tons! Taking an SAT prepare for class...helped me to know what to expect."

-M.D., Herndon, VA


"I thought it was really good. I learned a lot."

-K.Z., Oakton, VA


"This course has allowed me to feel much more confident about taking the SAT's."

-S.K., Fairfax, VA


"Vocabu-toons helped keep me focused and kept my attention in learning a word."

-E.B., Ashburn, VA


"You are VERY intelligent; I've never met anyone who knows the answer to any question and WHY it is the answer, and the definition of every word; you're great! You were also always willing to help....The Words You Must Know! and Vocabutoons help a lot in terms of learning the words I will need for the SATs. The best part of the book though is the Word Building & Discovery section and the worksheets that follow: it's amazing how much larger your vocabulary can improve from knowing the roots of a word and breaking it up....Vocabutoons are very helpful in learning the words; not only do you learn the concrete dictionary definition of it, but you also get a feel for the word, which is very helpful on the SATs."

-R.S., Summersville, WV


"The Top 100 words show up often on the practice SATs. MathFacts were a great review....The book has been very helpful."

-C.H., Herndon, VA


"Boot Camp is awesome. It reads like a novel."

-M.H., Dunn Loring, VA


"I have improved greatly, and plan to improve even more...Boot Camp was great."

-B.M., Herndon, VA


"The Words You Must Know with their simple definitions make it really easy to memorize the vocabulary. In class at school, we normally use long, drawn out definitions that make vocabulary really difficult to learn....I got an immediate boost from studying the top 100 words, and worked from that, using the list from Words You Must Know & Vocabu-toons."

-T.D., Oakton, VA


"I went up 160 points. Through the use of the M. Denmark Manning's Boot Camp for Your Brain book I went up 160 points from a 1220 to a 1380. It is a fantastic book and is very dense. For the amount of material needed to cover to master the SAT this book is short! If you memorize everything from cover to cover you WILL get a 1600! I recommend it to everyone!" [Note: this is based on the old SAT scoring system.]

-J.B., Oakton, VA


"The book Boot Camp for Your Brain is everything I need to know. The Top 100 Words have helped to build my vocabulary. I wish teachers had taught math the way the MathFacts taught math."

-B.T., Ashburn, VA


"The strengths of the book include Words You Must Know and Math Facts. I have not found a better set for the student with little time. The concise definitions make studying easier....I think the book has helped boost my confidence and just think clearer on the SAT....Words You Must Know increased my verbal score greatly. Boot Camp for Your Brain is a great, comprehensive guide for the SAT."

-R.S., Summersville, WV


"Because of memorizing vocabulary, my verbal score went up 150 points."

-C.Y., Oak Hill, VA


"I have really benefited from this course! I feel so much more confident in myself! I found that studying...then taking a real test once a week helped me more than anything else."

-A.B., Ashburn, VA


"I thought the MathFacts 1-7 were amazing! I've never seen another SAT review book with that kind of condensed math information."

-K.W., Herndon, VA


"The Top 100 Words section is vital to improving one's verbal score. It may seem simple, but my verbal score improved by over 50 points from memorizing those 100 words alone."

-M.S., Ashburn, VA


"I raised my scores by nearly 200 points. I benefitted greatly from the materials and requirements."

-L.O., Fairfax Station, VA


"The thing I liked most about the class was the size of the class. There were never interruptions and you gave us all personal help. I think the book Boot Camp helped out a lot."

-M.K., Reston, VA


"It teaches techniques on how to relax and prepare for the SATs. Oftentimes, it's the mentality going in to the work that sets the stage for how I do."

-T.C., Oak Hill, VA


"Boot Camp is awesome!"

-M.V., Reston, VA


"The course is a very good jump start to the SAT."

-A.H., Beaumont, TX


"This course is very easy to understand and follow, which is a good thing. [The teacher] is one of the nicest people I have met and is always ready to help a student."

-A.G., Reston, VA


"I went up 100 points in 1 day, which was really exciting."

-A.M., Potomac Falls, VA


"The terse definitions of the Top 100 Words are great and easy to learn. The MathFacts are concise and just what you need....It's awesome!"

-C.H., Tegucigalpa, Honduras


"This course has been so helpful. I am so glad I took it over any others and I will have all the course materials for years to come."

-C.D., Herndon, VA


"I thought the vocab section of the book was really useful and all of the repetition and practice helped me prepare for the SAT."

-A.M., Oak Hill, VA


"I was amazed by the material in the course (in the book) and how helpful it was. It really helps and narrows down the field of study material."

-G.S., Warrenton, VA


"The course made me confident and I know [how] to do everything...made me realize it is a reasoning test."

-A.H., Arlington, VA


"I would recommend these materials to anyone who plans on going to college to help you and make you aware of what is coming."

-C.B., Purcellville, VA


"I really enjoyed seeing my scores come up when I thought that there was no possible way to improve my terrible score! I'm really happy I decided to take this course!"

-D.M., Sterling, VA


"It's great! I felt encouraged to do well and learned a lot of material which also helped me in school (mainly Algebra2 and English)."

-A.A., Reston, VA


"The humor made studying fun."

-A.Y., Centreville, VA


"This course was excellent. The preparation material was both extremely helpful, manageable, and not boring...the material was easy to read and informative. The teacher/student & parent correspondence was very helpful & encouraging. Thank you!!"

-A.W., Reston, VA


"Intense! It was awesome and the material is so great..."

-A.Y., Ashburn, VA


"Its very good & organized, don't change it. It helped me very much..."

-P.R. Oak Hill, VA


"The course was very beneficial. If the given material is learned, then I found that scores do improve. The course is good."

-A.N., Herndon, VA


"My son used Ms. Manning's book to raise his PSAT score high enough to meet the cut-off for National Merit Semifinalist. His score sophomore year was a few points shy of the cut-off. He ended up with score that was high enough to definitely qualify him for Semifinalist next year. The book helped him focus on the important items to study."

-M.G., Northern Virginia


"Boot Camp for Your Brain is all that it promises to be: a great study guide, a resource to use when stuck, and a very hard book to get through. It has "Boot Camp" in the title for a reason, but, like boot camp, this book gets results. I went up nearly 360 points using this book. When it comes to studying for the SAT, this is the best book that you will find."

-S.B., Ashburn, VA



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