Yet another vocabulary-building method

Another one? Well, yes. Sometimes it takes every bit of help you can grab to get where you want to go.

"Vocabu-toons helped keep me focused and kept my attention in learning a word."

-E.B., Ashburn, VA

Some methods work better for one person, some for another, and some people benefit from combinations. Vocabu-Toons™ is not a substitute for the Top 100 Words list or Words You Must Know!™ or Word Building and Discovery™ or the Latin dictionary. It's extra. It's a system that helps people group words effectively and associate them with silly cartoons. Sounds crazy, but it works. Personally, we've always believed that if you could put all learning in cartoon form (e.g., Theory of Relativity, Russian, European history, and on and on), it would be much easier to absorb! Here's an example:


KEY IDEAS: exhilarating and hard or difficult. The opposite of hard is easy.

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