The World's Best Prep Course gives you the Words You Must Know™
to succeed on the SAT (and elsewhere)

Words You Must Know™ are the 1460 words most commonly seen on the SAT. We realize this is a lot, and we finally took pity on our students and created from these the Top 100 Words list; our bargaining chip is that those 100 words are the bare minimum they have to learn. But the more words you learn from the full list, the more likely you are to feel secure on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections of the test.

Where people run into trouble is that they simply don't know many of the words in the questions, and therefore leave them blank or get them wrong or spend undue amounts of time puzzling over them.

We give you the Words You Must Know™ tto get through the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections of the test. We provide you with what is essentially a collegiate-level vocabulary: words that are important to know before you go to college, so that you can write more clearly, read without stumbling over multiple words in every selection, and put your thoughts together more cohesively.

The level of thought you are capable of is to a large degree a function of the level of language you've developed. If you talk with a toddler, you will rapidly discover that, fascinating and wonderful though toddlers are in their own right, the child knows mostly concrete nouns, a few adjectives and simple verbs. The world is brown cows and brown horses, and sometimes even the notion of distinguishing between quadripeds is lost on them, so that every four-legged animal is a horse. As children's minds develop, there is a concurrent increase in breadth and depth of vocabulary.

You're ready for another leap. It's time to learn the Words You Must Know™ that will take you through college and beyond.

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