So how do we raise your SAT and PSAT scores?


No other program that we know of has our outstanding track record of raising scores. Here's why:

We start with surprisingly affordable individual tutoring. Our aim is not to be the biggest SAT prep class in the world, just the best. Some courses cram 20, 40, even 60 students into a class: the sardine approach to prepping! We tailor each and every class to individual students. Our classes are structured, yet informal enough that we encourage you to interrupt to ask questions or ask us to go over anything that you don't understand, at your own pace.

For instance, before some SAT prep sessions, you will take (at home) a timed actual SAT which was once given for college entrance purposes. We can do a comprehensive diagnostic analysis that shows your particular strengths and weaknesses, and give you written feedback, along with a particularized study plan adapted from your strong and weak areas. So although everybody takes the same course, in this way each student gets a different course based on his or her particular needs.

Our homework is a detailed verbal and mathematical development program designed to maximize your performance on the SAT. MathFacts™ 1-7 are seven modules that cover what you need to ace the math part of the SAT. Word Building and Discovery™ teaches you a method of breaking words into component parts and defining them correctly so that you can come up with a working definition for many words without having a dictionary. Vocabu-Toons™ help you remember word definitions, synonyms and antonyms by associating them with off-beat cartoons. Finally, we guide you through Words You Must Know!™, a simplified dictionary of over 1400 words you need to master for the Writing and Critical Reading sections. We cover the necessary components of Algebra II/Trigonometry, and offer an online one-on-one writing tutorial to help you hone your writing skills. We also edit up to three essays for college entrance purposes.

"Both of my sons took SAT prep classes. Some are just a waste of time and money. This is a fantastic program. My son took this program and got a perfect SAT score. He is currently a sophomore at Stanford. He had done well on the test before this program but after the program [he] raised his score by almost 200 points. The program is hard and the kid has to be willing to do the work, but that's the point isn't it? I can't speak highly enough this program. The SAT is so important in the college app that it's an investment."

-B.S., Reston, VA

In most formats of the course, you will take a minimum of 5 actual tests. We will go over those tests in great detail, extrapolating from other test material to show you how certain methods may be used to solve similar problems that you may encounter on future tests. You are instructed to take complete notes in class and go over those notes afterwards until you've mastered the material.

We focus on study skills and real learning. Some texts and courses recommend gimmicks, such as guessing "b" or "d" if you don't know the answer. The World's Best Prep Course for the SAT does not believe in gimmicks. We want you to learn the actual material covered on the test, which will not only help you get higher scores, but will, we believe, actually come in handy in other areas of your life. We are dedicated to seeing that you come out of this course knowing material you will need later on in college, graduate and/or professional school, careers and life.

And lastly, we try to make all this learning enjoyable for you, and our students and parents tell us we succeed in this goal, as well as in our guaranteed goal of raising your SAT scores.

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